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Travelling With Oxygen

The thought of travelling with oxygen may seem a little scary and intimidating at first and can be challenging when you do not know where to start. With careful and proper planning, though, it can be safe and comfortable.

We, at CRC, are happy to help, so you won’t need to give up the adventure and pleasure of travelling. We advise that you start your planning as early as you possibly can and make all prior arrangements well in advance of your travel date.


Please note that your regular government or insurance funding may not cover the extra travel costs associated with travelling with oxygen. We have Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC’s) available to rent or purchase for all your travelling needs. POC’s are smaller than your home concentrator, easy to use, and alleviate the need to carry extra tanks. However, they are not for everyone.

CRC Travel Checklist

  • Always discuss your travel plans with your physician
  • Make an appointment for any necessary check-ups or prescriptions well ahead of time
  • You may also need a letter and an oxygen prescription from your physician for travel
  • Contact CRC to discuss your oxygen travel needs and options
  • Check with your travel agent, airline, cruiseline, etc. far in advance to discuss travelling with oxygen
  • Always confirm your arrangements at least 48-72hrs prior to departure
  • Buy health insurance


Always check directly with the airline for requirements for travelling with oxygen. Most airlines accept POC’s and some even allow usage of their oxygen (for a fee).


Always check road conditions prior to departure. If your vehicle is big enough, you can always take your home concentrator with you. If using tanks, always secure safely and never store in trunks for extended periods of time in extreme temperatures.


Check directly with the train company to discuss requirements for travelling with oxygen. Most allow POC’s.


Check directly with the cruise line to discuss the requirements for travelling with oxygen. Most companies allow POC’s.