Understanding Our Care at Dream Sleep

Meet our dedicated home oxygen team

What you can expect from Dream Sleep care


We have a dedicated team of Respiratory Therapists, Oxygen Coordinators, and Oxygen Technicians that can help you maneuver your new life with home oxygen. We believe that you should have the peace of mind that all your needs are being met by your home oxygen therapy vendor. We go above and beyond to provide the upmost care to all of our patients. 

Guaranteed Service

  • 24/7 assistance – We have an emergency on call service with an available staff member 24 hours a day to help you with concerns that may arise before or after business hours.
  • Education – We take the time to provide you and your family with all the required knowledge in regards to the equipment, maintenance and safety.
  • Same day set up – Whether you are being discharged from the hospital or wishing to be set up in your home.
  • Travel assistance – We can help you navigate the necessary steps and requirements when it comes to your home oxygen needs when travelling.